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Things I Know For Sure

I appear before you seventy-five years young. I have been blessed with really great genes for which I can take no credit. However, maintaining what nature has given me has been a conscious decision on my part. It is my firm belief that health is a matter of body, mind and spirit. 

Some things I know for sure are that the body doesn't know the difference between what the mind thinks is happening and what is really happening in our life. So it behooves us to maintain positive thoughts to nurture our body. I know for sure that negative thoughts - whether they are directed toward ourselves or outside toward others - are stored in our very cells. Knowing this requires me to be the guardian of my own mind. It is my responsibility to give my energy to positive thinking. 

I never criticize my body! I might yearn for a slimmer figure, but that is a matter of my willingness to create such a figure. Being negative and critical of the body that I have is counter productive to my overall health and well-being. Any self depreciating thoughts (i.e. "I hate my - --", fill in the blank) will be stored in my cells as truth. The hate will lodge there and eventually create dis-ease. 

I know for sure that gratitude is the most important and powerful force there is. I know that if I start each day with gratitude, my whole day becomes a good day. I start by appreciating this magnificent machine that is my body. I continue by being grateful for strong legs and good feet. I express gratitude for hard working hands. I bless the heart that has been working for me since before I made my entrance to this earthly plane. I express gratitude for my lungs which provide me with life-giving breath whether I am waking or sleeping. I express gratitude for all of my precious organs, one-by-one, that work day and night to support my life. I know for sure that this positive appreciation and gratitude heals and repairs my body. 

It is my personal experience that the love and appreciation of the hula and its healing power has played a significant role in maintaining health, joy, satisfaction and enlightenment in my life. My spiritual commitment is to uplift not only my own spirit, but to uplift those who honor me by being my students. Share the bounty!

These are some of the things I know for sure.

~Kumu Kea

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