by Rusty Wright and Springs Romano (BMI)

If you have never seen one of our Hula Teaching Videos, we invite you to try this one.  As shown below, we first show you what the dance looks like, then we teach it verse by verse with practices for each verse.  Then there is a rehearsal of the entire dance.  Butterfly Free is a gift of song and dance, written, choreographed, and performed by us.  


For the audio track, click on Music above, find the free album called PATH, and download Track #5 - Butterfly Free.

Butterfly Free

Butterfly Free

Key of C (same as recording).

Happy strum. Vamp twice: D7, G7, C and D7, G7, C (G7)

Sing a song to butterfly free


Listen well, oh humanity,


As your wings unfold on your way

                     G7      Dm              G7

Bring new joy to you every day.

               C                                             C7

For the things that you leave behind,

There'll be so much more you can find

                      C                          G7

Transform life to all it can be

                      C            F               C  -  G7

Love is the way to butterfly free.

Verse 4

Earth is calling for change, we hear her voice.


In the chrysalis of life we make our choice

      C                                                          C7                             F

To move to a lighter world, where no one crawls to live

             G7                      C  -  F  -  C
So we give so we all live.              

Verse 3

If tomorrow was a mirror, I could see


But no matter what the dream, the truth is me

                   C                                          C7                 F

Though it all seems a mystery, aloha is my style

           G7                      C  -  F  -  C
And I smile, let’s all smile.                  CHORUS

Verse 2

If the past had a price, I let it go


Called it only advice and now I know

     C                                                      C7                     F
I emerge like the butterfly, and joyful for the chance

       G7                   C  -  F  -  C
So I fly, and so I dance.            

Verse 1

From the isles of Hawai‘i comes my song.


Mid the trade winds and rainbows all day long

                     C                                            C7                    F

Grows the will for a better world inside a living thing,

        G7             C  -  F  -  C

So I sing, so I sing.          CHORUS