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Our full collection of hula teaching videos and workshops


RH12 Basic Hula-A4-EN1.jpeg

An intensive for authentic Steps & Posture 


This is the distillation of over 60 years of collective learning and teaching experience by Kumu Kea and Manumele (Sandii). The collaboration of this master teacher and...

RH23 RealHula Lessons for

Suitable for children ages 4-11 

Your Child can dance the hula too!

The children of actually do the teaching as Kumu Hula Pattye Kealohalani Wright guides...


Plumeria Flower
Plumeria Flower_edited_edited.png
RH09 Kawika-A4-EN1.jpeg

Kawika is the first of four mele (kahiko hula numbers) in what our tradition considers the "foundation" numbers of the hula. These four numbers, Kawika, Lili'u E, Kalakaua and Aia La'O Pele, learned in this...

RH08 'Ula Noweo-A4b.jpeg

This is a "must have" hula kahiko number. It is a hula classic equally suitable for children, teens, or adults - male or female. Because it is a relatively simple number it is suitable for less experienced students...

RH10 Lili'u E-A4-EN1.jpeg

Lili'u E is the second of our foundation numbers for the well-rounded hula dancer. This mele builds on the footwork perfected in Kawika and adds several basic steps to the dancer's repertoire. While this is a...

RH07 Lanakila-A4b.jpeg

This is a very lively kahiko (ancient hula) number using a single 'uli 'uli (feathered gourd). The text describes a train ride taken by Crown Princess Lili'uokalani and her party. It was written to commemorate the first...

RH11 Kalakaua-A4a.jpeg

The Kalākaua dance is the third in our hula kahiko foundation numbers, following Kawika and Lili'u E. It adds additional and varied hula steps to the dancers accumulated knowledge. This dance is...

RH01 Eia Hawai'i-A4.jpeg

This hula noho (sitting hula) requires the dancer to chant as well as gesture, all the while executing the rhythms with the Puniu (coconut knee drum). For this reason, this is a very challenging hula...

RH18 Aia La O Pele-A4b.jpeg

This is the fourth and final hula in our tradition of Kahiko foundation dances for the well trained dancer. It is the most familiar of the Goddess Pele numbers and is an exciting addition to every dancers hula...


RH02 Green Rose Hula-EN-A4b.jpeg

This number is a true hula classic! It was written in the Hawaiian language by the famous Johnny Almeida. This lively number is an appropriate one for children or adults. It is suitable for any level of... 

RH17 Holoholo Ka'a-A4.jpeg

This dance is a hula standard for parties or performance. Known by every musician who plays Hawaiian music, this lively romp through the countryside is as much fun for the audience as it is for...

RH05 Po La'ila'i-A4b.jpeg

This is a classic hula that belongs in every dancer's repertoire. It is a number equally suitable for children and adults. In our song, the sound of a distant 'ukulele floats on the breeze. The fragrance of the pikake...

RH19 Ko Ma'i Ho'eu'eu-A4.jpeg

This is a rollicking ipu number that is a real show stopper!  Fast, complex rhythms and flashy movement, this hula 'auana version is based on a traditional chant and is suitable for intermediate...

RH04 These Islands-A4.jpeg

Written in English by Danny Couch, this song is an anthem of praise for the magic of Hawai'i. Word-pictures of the many sights that set this paradise apart from all other regions will touch the heart of...

RH03 Pua Lililehua-A4b.jpeg

This is an elegant classic hula, a love song suitable for teen and adult dancers. It was written by Kahauanu Lake for well known hula master Ma'iki Aiu, later to become Ma'iki Aiu Lake. This dance requires...

RH20 Hanalei Moon-A4.jpeg

This is the most requested hula from you - our virtual students. In this video Mehana dances as Kumu Kea takes you through the step-by-step teaching so you too can dance this ever popular hula. The opening...

RH06 Nani Hanalei-A4.jpeg

The word 'majestic' totally describes this beautiful song. The traditional pahu drum introduces the musical section and concludes the number. An advanced dancers knowledge of the...



What is Lemuria? 

Lemuria is a modern name for what is historically called the Motherland of Mu. Stories of this Pacific continent, lost under the water, parallel the tales of Atlantis in many ways. 

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Straight from Hawaiʻi - E Kuʻu Sweet

Hana Waimea

Kaimuki Hula

Maikaʻi Kauaʻi

Ua Ao Hawaiʻi


Kai O Mamala

Pua Maeʻole

Ka Anoʻi


Lauaʻe Ka Manaʻo

Ku ʻOe/Tu ʻOe

Below is a set of workshops that were held at Sandii's Hula Studio in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.  For each session, the song is played for you using the video displayed to the dancers.  Then Kumu Kea gives the background of the number to be learned.  Finally, she teaches the verses and leads the practices.

The entire workshop is there for you.  Because these were held in Japan, a translator is also present particularly to translate the background information. 

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