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Kailua Hula Intensives



Hula Intensives are only for serious hula students, dancers ready to study intensively.  The rates shown are based on single occupancy.  For double occupancy, add 50% to the rate shown.  Double occupants share the time for Private Lessons. 

Three Night Package

The 3-Night package for $500.00:
- 3 Nights, 4 Days 
- 2 Private Lessons 
- All regular halāu Hula Classes 

Price is $500.00, tax included.

Five Night Package

The 5-Night package for $650.00:
- 5 Nights, 6 Days 

- 3 Private Lessons 
- All regular halāu Hula Classes. 
Price is $650.00, tax included.


Seven Night Package

The 7-Night Package for $800.00: 
- 7 Nights, 8 Days 
- 4 Private Lessons 

- All regular halāu Hula Classes 

Price is $800.00, tax included. 

Airport transportation, if 

requested, is $50 each way.

Our RealHula Instensive is an in-depth learning experience in which the student(s) live in an attractive specially provided facility at the halāu in beautiful Kailua on the windward side of the island of Oʻahu. 

A guest bedroom with twin beds, private bath, separate entrance and private garden offers privacy and comfort during your stay.  Meals are not provided.  However, the room is equipped with minimal appliances for preparing light refreshments.  We are within walking distance of a grocery store, a variety of eating establishments, and island wide bus services.

A specified number of personal sessions are a part of each package.  In addition, all regularly scheduled ongoing classes are open to our Hula Intensive guests as well.  This living arrangement allows for close contact with Kumu Kea thereby providing an opportunity for non-structured sharing of knowledge and traditions.

Frequently Asked: 

1.  Can I bring my husband (daughter, son, etc.) even though they won't be taking the dancing lessons? 

Yes.  For a spouse or other non-student occupant accompanying a hula intensive student add $50 for night.  If you come with family members, you will need a rental car and will be expected to take care of your own meals. 

2.  Can you accommodate more than 2 guests at one time? 

Sometimes we can make private sleeping arrangements if there are more than two who are traveling together.  If this is needed, please let us know at time of booking, and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We can also accommodate small groups in a dormitory style sleeping arrangement.

There are times throughout the year when Hula Intensives may NOT be available.  Kumu Kea serves many communities with her wisdom and traditional teachings.  We ask for your understanding and respect for her many sacred commitments.   Trust that this makes the possibility of your hula intensive an even more precious experience!

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