Music and CDs

Below are the albums of hula music for sale or for free download.  The music tracks may also be purchased and downloaded individually.  All music files are MP3 format to play on a wide variety of iPods and MP3 players.  The CD called PATH was made for Kumu Kea's 80th birthday as a gift to participants.  We also give it to you via its download.


Below are two albums by Kailua hula teacher Bella Richards.  Bella was Kumu Kea's teacher for her Hula ‘Auana and her personal inspiration.  Bella held two recitals during Kumu Keaʻs time with her and allowed us to record both.  In those days, we made LP records of the recordings.  The tracks below are transcribed from carefully preserved LPs from the early 1970s.  They are both free to you.