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Ancient :: Kahiko

Eia Hawai'i - DVD3001 


This hula noho (sitting hula) requires the dancer to chant as well as gesture, all the while executing the rhythms with the Puniu (coconut knee drum). For this reason, this is a very challenging hula recommended for seasoned dancers. The text is a portion of a much longer chant coming from the ancient past. The number is suitable for men, women, and children. 

Teacher: Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright) 
Dancer: Pumehana (with Kumu Kea) 
Style: Ancient (Kahiko) 
Level: Advanced 
Instrument: Puniu (coconut knee drum) 
Bonus: Making a Practice Puniu (using common household materials) 
Format: DVD 
Artist: Kumu Kea w/Pumehana 
Running time: 44 minutes 

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