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It has been my pleasure to share hula with so many virtual students from around the world during the time of covid. We offered these classes free to all so as to bring a ray of light into a dark time in our history. I am very satisfied with what we created together. With life normalizing for most of us and as people get back to their lives, attendance has plummeted as one would expect. Only the Wednesday mornings class has retained a loyal core. 


I have decided to continue that class, but I am requesting students help defray my costs and lend financial support for me in my work. I am suggesting $15 a session, or $50 a month payable by paypal using the "button" on my website on the Zoom Classes web page. The payment is voluntary, you will not be billed.   You can download the Zoom app free. The Zoom software loads on to our computer and is used by your browser for the sessions. After you register you will be sent a link which you will use for every class going forward. Copy and save the link in a document on your desktop so that you need not re-register each session.


Our new sessions will begin September 7th. You can register for that class in the link below. Classes take place in real time and are interactive. In addition, I send out a link to the class to those that are registered in case they missed class or wish to review.


I look forward to our new sessions together. Kumu Kea

Attended a Zoom class and would like to make a payment via PayPal? Click here!

You can download the Zoom app free, and there will be no cost for you to join the class.  You do not have to join Zoom or set up an account.  Classes take place in real time and are live and interactive.  The Zoom software loads onto your computer and is used by your browser for the sessions.

Link -


Wednesdays 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Hawaiian Standard Time, held weekly.

There are no fees for this class.  

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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