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The days in which we are living may seem dark indeed, but we, as hula folk, are carriers of the light. Now more than ever we must nurture one another. My small effort for this purpose is to design electronic hula classes that will not only keep us in touch with one another, but will also expand our knowledge and awareness of things Hawaiian.  Click on the Virtual Zoom Classes button below to register for any of the classes shown.

Due to the threat of COVID-19, classes will be held on Zoom.  Click for virtual class information.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Classes are available for download on desktop ONLY*

Beginning Hula Class

This class, like the Intermediate ones, is completely free.  The meetings are weekly for roughly an hour.  The classes are recorded by Zoom and a link sent to all registered students within a day or two.  The link allows the class to be played back in its entirety, again without any fees.  The file is posted for 1 month and then removed, giving lots of time to review the lesson and memorize it.


Unlike the Intermediate classes, Beginning Hula will be based in part on existing videos in our Hula Teaching Video library.  The fundamental video we will use is Basic Hula.  This video does not teach dances, but shows each hula step in detail, teaches it, and then offers a practice for that step.  Many parts of this video will be shown in the course.  It may also be bought as a download for further practice.

Intermediate Hula Class

Intermediate Hula has been in progress since March, 2020.  It is also completely free.  For that class, complete songs are taught over 3 to 5 classes.  Since there are no videos available to buy, we post a video of the dance as well as the music track for the dance.  This class now covers two pages, listed below.

Classes from March, 2020 to August 5, 2020

Classes starting on or after August 12, 2020

Kaikamahine Hula Class

Kaikamahine are young girls in the age group from around 7 years old to around 11 years old. This class replaces their previous live Saturday morning class, currently suspended.  The Kaikamahine Class has been in progress since March, 2020 and remains completely free.  However, because of the individual instruction often needed, we no longer make the videos available.  Since there are no videos available to buy, we may post a video of the dance or a download of the music track for the dance.  

Classes starting from March, 2020