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Ancient :: Kahiko 
Kawika - DVD1009


Kawika is the first of four mele (kahiko hula numbers) in what our tradition considers the "foundation" numbers of the hula. These four numbers, Kawika, Lili'u E, Kalakaua and Aia La'O Pele, learned in this progression, prepare and train the hula dancer for the study of the vast repertoire of traditional Hawaiian hula. This is a true entry-level hula. It introduces the two most basic hula steps: the Kaholo and the 'uehe. It also introduces the classic format for hula kahiko presentations: the dancer's opening position, opening kahea (announcement), the body of the danced number and the closing kahea. It is a must for all ages and both sexes. This classic hula, from the traditions of Kekauilani Kalama and Lokalia Montgomery, is a mele inoa, or name chant. It honors King David La'amea Kalakaua, the last of Hawai'i's kings to sit upon the throne. We are very proud to share this important mele from our tradition. 

Teacher: Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright) 
Dancer: Pumehana 
Style: Ancient (Kahiko) 
Level: Beginner 
Artist: Kumu Kea 
Format: DVD 
Running Time: 43 minutes

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