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Lemuria - Fact or Fiction?

What is Lemuria? 

Lemuria is a modern name for what is historically called the Motherland of Mu. Stories of this Pacific continent, lost under the water, parallel the tales of Atlantis in many ways. 

Where was it? 
Opinions vary as to the outline of the continent. King David Kal√¢kaua commissioned a map that showed a great Pacific landmass and another landmass in the Indian Ocean. Most agree that the Pacific region extended north above Hawai'i, east past Easter Island and to the west at least past Micronesia. Further, the legend says that the area now known as the Hawaiian Islands was the capital district of this land. 









Is there any physical evidence of such a land? 
There is some surprising evidence of an advanced civilization pre-dating the migratory Polynesians. We know that Polynesians in historical times had only rudimentary ability to shape stone. They had no known ability to cut stone in the sense that we would cut bread with a knife. Yet we find quite a few stones cut flat, notched, or precisely fitted throughout the Pacific. This raises the questions of who did the work and where they got this extraordinary technology.  

Are there examples of this cutting in Hawai'i? 
This is a photo of the Menehune Ditch on Kaua'i. You can visit it today. All that remains is a very small wall beside the road. Most of it is buried under the roadway. Of the small amount that shows, look at how nicely the stones are cut and fitted. No known Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders had the technology to do this. So the presence of this construction ability points to an earlier civilization. The earlier people in Hawai'i are generally dubbed the Menehune. But the real question is where they originated and where they got this stone cutting technology?  

Are you saying that Lemurians were more advanced than the historical Pacific peoples? 
Yes, it seems that way. The Menehune Ditch exists. The Tonga Arch and Tonga Pyramid exist. The amazing ruins of Nan Midol on Pohnpei exist. All involve cutting, lifting, and fitting stones using unknown technologies. These unknown technologies match or exceed our current abilities.

Why is this archaeology talk on the RealHula website?


The short answer is that RealHula sponsored the lectures for "Lemuria--Fact or Fiction?" But beyond that, hula in its deeper levels maintains part of an oral history of Hawai'i. The most sacred chants and dances are passed verbatim from Kumu Hula to serious student. Where do these sacred chants and dances originate? What do they preserve? Can some possibly hearken from this lost Motherland of Mu? These are significant questions for the Hawaiian culture and for the hula.


Our Timeline Assumptions


This proposition about a Lemurian continent and civilization may seem absurd to you at first. The accepted view is that humans arose over millennia from cave dwellers to arrow hunters to pottery makers to farmers to metalworkers and eventually through industrial innovation to us. The Pacific peoples never even developed a metalworking technology. How could there be an earlier civilization of such sophistication without even reaching the metalwork stage?

Click here for more about that question....Ancient Stones Research

Yet the stones continue to ask these questions of us. How were they cut? How were they lifted? How were they fitted so well? And why was all of this extraordinary construction done? It begins to look as if our assumptions about the Pacific peoples or about the timeline of man are wrong. But if our assumptions are wrong, what other timeline scenario could possibly explain these engineering anomalies?

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"Lemuria--Fact or Fiction?" 
by Sheldan Nidle

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