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New Beginnings

The welcoming of a brand new year gives each of us the opportunity to stop - examine our lives - and ponder whether there is a better way. At no time in the memory of those of us living today has the need for a better way been more critical. 
No one needs reminding that the sense of helplessness regarding our financial crisis, the frustration regarding the paralysis of government, the desperation about the futility of war been more acutely felt by the American people - yes, even the whole world - than it is today. What can we do as a single individual in the face of such overwhelming problems?

  • I try to remember those lone individuals who have been known to change the course of history, and thereby remember it is possible for a single person to effect change.

  • I remember that my actions may not change the world, but I can have an enormous effect on my immediate little world - an effect on those with whom I come in contact.

  • I remember that I am often unaware of the impact I have on those around me.

  • I remember that my impact can be for good and for the uplifting of the individual, or it can be negative and serve to diminish the person.

  • I remember to choose to uplift. If each of us makes that conscious choice, it must surely have an impact for change for the better.

I want to share some wise words written by others that serve as guideposts to my thinking. I hope they resonate with you as well.

If there is righteousness in the home ...then there is beauty in the character 
If there is beauty in the character ...then there is love in the home 
If there is love in the home ...then there is harmony in the nation. 
If there is harmony in the nation ...then there is peace in the world 

Hawaii's inspirational poet Malia Craver wrote the following words regarding the expression of Aloha 
"Aloha means love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy and kindness. Aloha means to be able to translate differences into uniqueness.

Aloha means to be able to see and feel a persons uniqueness though they may present differences to you. 
It is that love, caring and spirituality that allows us to appreciate our differences as being unique and beautiful strengths that bind us together rather than separate us" 

May there be peace in the world, and may it begin with me. Wishing you enlightenment and love in the year to come.

~Kumu Kea

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