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Modern :: `Auana

Pō La'iLa'i - DVD

This is a classic hula that belongs in every dancer's repertoire. It is a number equally suitable for children and adults. In our song, the sound of a distant 'ukulele floats on the breeze. The fragrance of the pikake blossoms hangs in the evening air. The stars twinkle above us. Up on the mountains, house lights look like stars that have fallen to earth. Who could resist such an invitation? Any level of dancer should be able to master this hula with comparative ease. The nature of the text of this song make it an especially good choice for children. 

Teacher: Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright) 
Dancer: Pumehana 
Style: Modern ('Auana) 
Level: Beginning and Intermediate 
Format: DVD 
Running time: 54 minutes

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